Home for Easter

Being away at college has made me miss and appreciate being home more than I thought it would. No matter how much of an independent person you are, you will always miss the comfort of your home. Whenever my school gives us a long weekend, like Easter weekend, I take full advantage of that by going home. It was so nice to see my friends, family, dog and, of course, eat some good food. While I was home, I shot two Easter or spring looks that I love. The dress is definitely more formal, but it’s perfect for going out to a nice dinner or, where I wore it, dinner at a family friend’s house. The second look is more casual and can be worn pretty much anywhere. This was perfect for just hanging out at my house before going to our family friend’s house. I love the distressing on the jeans and the jacket. It helps balance out the simplicity of the sweater by giving the outfit a little more detail.


Check out the links below if you want to find out where something I’m wearing, or something similar to it, is from!


Outfit 1



Outfit 2





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