As you may have noticed, I made a new addition to my blog! I’m super excited about this and have been working on it for a long time. This summer, I got super bored with my style and decided I needed a change. I gave away about half of my closet and rather than replacing the clothes I gave away with new stuff from the mall, I started going to my local thrift stores. I love thrift stores because you never know what you’re going to find. Thrifting really helps me branch out with my style and got me excited about my clothes again. Also, I get bored of my clothes easily, so the fact that the clothes I’m thrifting are so cheap makes me feel much better about shopping as much as I do.

For this look, I thrifted the top and sneakers. I found this top at a Goodwill by me. It was originally way to long for me, so, I cropped it and cut small holes in it to make it more wearable. Surprisingly, the material of the shirt is a really nice, thick cotton. This is something I look for when I get something from a thrift store. I want the material to feel nice and look like it’s good quality. I thought this top looked really good with my favorite jeans from Abercrombie (they’re on sale right now!). I also wanted to keep the look simple to keep all the attention on the thrifted pieces, so, the jeans were perfect for this outfit.

I got the shoes from a different Goodwill. And yes, I know they’re a little crazy looking. When I saw them, I was immediately in love with them. I have a lot of white sneakers, but none like this, so I had to buy them. They kind of reminded me of something you would see in a FENTY PUMA collection. While I found these in the women’s shoe section, I always look in the boy’s/men’s shoe section because they usually have some pretty good sneakers. That’s another thing I love about thrifting, you can look in any section, even the kid’s section, and find really cool pieces.

I found this vintage Louis Vuitton bag in my mom’s closet. I think it’s so 90s and so cool. It really works with this outfit because it doesn’t overpower the other pieces, but still adds some detail to the look. I couldn’t find this exact bag online, but I found another vintage one that I linked below.

I hope you guys like this new addition to my blog! I have more posts like this coming soon, so, make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any new posts!


Top (thrifted)


Sneakers (thrifted)


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