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I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m officially back! I wanted to have my first post after my break from posting be a thrifted one. Lately, almost all my new clothes have been thrifted. I wanted to get a lot of new pieces for fall, and Goodwill was my go-to place for this.

This whole post was inspired by one thing, the jacket. I found this jacket in the boy’s section of a local Goodwill. The second I saw it, I was obsessed with it. Not only did I love the red detailing on the arms, I thought the patches were so unique and cool. I was so lucky it fit me perfectly because there is nothing like this jacket anywhere else. It’s such a special piece and I’m so lucky to have found it.

The dress is also from Goodwill. It actually isn’t even a dress. I found this “dress” in the men’s t-shirt section. After I bought it, I brought it back home and cut small holes around the neck and by the bottom to make it a little more edgy. I always envisioned wearing it with my over-the-knee boots because that’s really on trend right now. I love this outfit because it’s relatively simple, but still really edgy and cool.


Dress (thrifted)

Jacket (thrifted)



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